Any idea why I have it or know where I can find out?

by Michelle
(Uk london)


I am 32 and have had a Mongolian blue spot on my left bum check science birth.
As I am white and as far as I am aware have no Mongolian relatives or Asian, I'm just trying to figure out how I got one.
I'm dark haired, green eyes and fair skin. My dad was adopted and we know his mum was English and his dad American, both white. But we can't seem to go back any further as the mum is no longer with us and the dad will not accept contact.
My Mongolian blue spot is 8 inchs long and a few inches wide, it changes colour depending if I am cold or hot.
There are mostly English and Irish decendants on my mums side, so not sure if that is relevant.

I keep reading that they are supposed to disappear? Mine is still here!

I also have peg teeth which I'm told are related to Asian race?

So if I'm not of Asian descendant, is there a common other race that this happens too?

Any info would be greatly appreciated;-)


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