The World's Remotest Cities, Mongolia

You will discover the world's remotest cities in Mongolia.

About half of Mongolia's cities cluster around the Trans-Mongolian line. Others started as Silk Road stop-off points or as secret Soviet bases.

The Trans-Mongolian Line

The following cities (Mongolia has about thirty) make excellent bases for exploration of Mongolia's remote areas. Read the list and visit some of the hidden gems these cities and their surroundings contain.

Alphabetical List Of Cities, Mongolia

Map Of Cities In Mongolia

Map Of Cities In Mongolia


Arvaikheer is an equestrian and crafts center and the capital of the Uvurhangai province.

What To See

If you love horses, visit at the time of the large regional horse fair. Make sure you have some local money to take advantage of the local handicraft industry.

How To Get There

Take one of the regular flights from Ulaan Baatar to Arvaikheer's single unpaved runway.


Bayankhongor is the capital of the Bayankhongor province. The city has two museums, which started life in a single ger. Both museums now have permanent accommodation.

What To See

The Ethnographic Museum covers life in Mongolia from nomadic times. Exhibits include a taste of life during Manchu rule and in the twentieth century under Socialism.

In the Natural History Museum, you can see precious stones; rare stuffed animals; and the complete skeleton of a local dinosaur.

Several small Buddhist monasteries may also interest you.

What To Do

Bayankhongor is a convenient base for exploring the most diverse province in Mongolia. Forests and the Khangai Mountains take up most of the north. The famous Gobi desert takes up much of the south. The region hosts rarities such as an oasis, hot springs and the Gobi bear.


Bulgan is the capital of Bulgan province. It has the highest number of spacemen per head of population in the world.

Hidden Secrets

Mongolians prize Bulgan's airag - fermented mares' milk.

What To See

Local ger camps run tours to sights of interest, as well as conducting horse treks and fishing trips.

How To Get There

Bulgan has one unpaved runway and receives regular flights from Ulaan Baatar.


Choir is the capital of the Gobisumber province and one of the more remote cities of Mongolia...

Choir City, Mongolia

Hidden Secrets

It has the longest runway in Mongolia, courtesy of Russia which once maintained a military base here.

What To See

A statue of Mongolia's only astronaut.

How To Get There

The Trans-Mongolian train stops at Choir. You can also get there by air or jeep.


Kharkhorin lies between the Khangai Mountains and rolling steppes, it is built from the ruins of ancient cities of Mongolia

Karakorum, Mongolia

What To See

The nearby ruins of three former capitals lie close by the modern city - including Genghis Khan's thirteenth Century capital.

The ruins lie in the Orkhon Valley - a World Heritage Site, regarded as the cradle of nomadic civilization.

If you like old buildings visit Erdene Zuu Monastery - built from the ruins of Genghis Khan's capital.

How To Get There

Regular flights arrive from UB to an unpaved runway. If you want to drive, you can find asphalt roads almost all the way!


Khovd sits at the foot of the Altai Mountains, next to the Buyant Gol River. The capital of Khovd aimag, it draws its population from at least eleven ancient Mongol tribes.

Hidden Secrets

The city contains the ruins of a Chinese Fortress, destroyed during a rebellion against Chinese rule.

What To Do

The location provides excellent hiking and fishing possibilities. Nature lovers shouldn't miss the Mankhan Nature Preserve some twenty-five kilometers away.

Special Tip: If you arrive in late summer make sure to stock up on locally harvested water melons and tomatoes.


Mandalgobi serves as the capital of the Dundgobi province.

What To Do

Mandalgobi makes a terrific base for exploring the Gobi desert and its fringe areas.


Murun is the capital of Khuvsgul province in northern Mongolia. It follows the usual Soviet blueprint and has a hospital, museum, theater, post office and school.

Hidden Secrets

The city existed to support a now destroyed monastery called Murungiin Khuree.

What To See

You can visit the ruins of Murungiin Khuree and a smaller working monastery on the edge of the city.

What To Do

Take a trip to Lake Khuvsgul, which contains more than one percent of the world's fresh water.

How To Get There

Murun has one paved and one gravel runway served by daily flights from Ulaan Baatar.


Sainshand City In The Gobi Desert

One of the Gobi desert's cities (Mongolia)

Sainshand is another city which has a station on the Trans-Mongolian line. Its population of twenty-thousand lives in an eastern Gobi steppe zone.

Hidden Secrets

A twentieth-century curator buried his museum's exhibits in the Gobi, saving them from socialist soldiers. Some exhibits remain buried.

What To See And Do

Visit the museum dedicated to the nineteenth century monk Ranzan Davjaa. Or spend time looking for the remaining buried exhibits.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can hire a jeep and explore the Gobi. Or drive south for an hour and visit a modern Buddhist monastery.


Sukhbaatar - another city named after a revolutionary hero. The Trans-Mongolian makes its last call at Sukhbaatar before the Russian border.


Capital of the Arkhangai aimag, Tsetserleg, rests on the slopes of the Khangai Mountains.

What To See

The local monastery hosted past reincarnations of Zaya Pandita. The seventh reincarnation resides in Ulaan Baatar but rarely visits.

How To Get There

Regular flights arrive in Tsetserleg from Ulaan Baatar.


Ulaangom translates as 'Red Valley'. At 939 meters above sea level, it holds the record as the lowest point in the country. The city borders Russia and houses the Consulate of the Tuva Republic.

Things To See

Lake Uvs - a salt lake and remnant of an ancient ocean. Many species of fish live there and thousands of migratory birds visit the lake each year.


Ulgii lies in the Mongolian 'Wild West' close to the Chinese - Kazakhstan border. The population is largely nomadic and Muslim.

Things To Do

Spend a day eagle hunting with the locals...

Eagle hunter near Ulgii, Mongolia

How To Get There

Take a flight from Ulaan Baatar to Ulgii's single unpaved runway.


Zamiin-Uud translates as 'Road's Gate') and borders China. If you want to enter China by rail or road, you must pass through Zamiin-Uud.

Zamiin-Uud's population numbers just twelve thousand, but over a million people pass through each year!

Major Mongolian Cities

Learn more about Mongolia's capital and other large cities in Mongolia, which will form your base for exploring the places above.

Mongolian Airlines

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