Flights to Mongolia

Flights to Mongolia are the easiest way to get here . . .

If you don’t have a private jet you can choose from one of the following airlines . . .

MIAT (the Mongolian national airline) -- flies from Berlin (Germany); Moscow (Russia); Beijing (China); and Seoul (South Korea). Summer sees occasional flights from Tokyo and Osaka (Japan).

Update: From June 2nd, 2011 MIAT will fly from Hong Kong on Thursdays, and Sundays.

Air China -- flies from Beijing (China).

Aeroflot -- flies into Mongolia from Moscow (Russia).

Korean Air -- flies from Seoul in South Korea.

Aero Mongolia -- flies from Huh Hot (Inner Mongolia, China).


Rather than include timetables here, I have linked each airline above to their Web site. Flights schedules change frequently so instead of trusting a published schedule it’s best to contact the airline.

As a general rule of thumb, flights from Beijing and Moscow run daily in the summer. From Seoul they leave three times a week. From Europe they usually run twice a week.

Flights to Mongolia will expand as the Mongolian economy continues to boom. Watch this page for further updates!

Best Routes:

When traveling from Europe or North America, I usually use Air China. Flights to Mongolia with Air China usually includes a one-day stopover in Beijing--a good opportunity to visit the Great Wall. Advantages include excellent food and free accommodation in the Air China hotel!

However, the majority of European passengers opt to fly through Moscow while most Americans fly through Seoul. These routes are your best bet for buying cheap flights to Mongolia and usually involve a stopover of only a few hours.

A word of warning if considering flying to Mongolia with Air China, they frequently cancel or delay their flights into Mongolia. Expect a delay of twenty-four hours. If you’re on a tight schedule--choose another airline.

If you live near Berlin (Germany), you might prefer to catch MIAT. This flight goes direct to Ulaan Baatar but does make a stopover in Moscow--no need to exit the plane.

How long do the flights take?

Direct flights to Mongolia take two hours from Beijing; four hours from Seoul; and about five hours from Moscow.

The cheapest flights . . .

I’ve always got my best prices by calling Air China. They provide free accommodation and transportation to the Beijing airport if you continue your journey with them. You should confirm this when booking your ticket.

But many people find the best prices online . . .

Try the following site if you want to bargain-hunt . . .

Trip Advisor

All fights land at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport (formerly known as Buyant Ukhaa). When using the above Web sites, enter ULN as the airport code.

How do I get out of the airport?

Road to Ulaanbaatar
Chinggis Khan International Airport lies about 20km southwest of the city center.

Once you arrive at the airport, you will have a thirty-minute drive to downtown Ulaan Baatar.

If you’re traveling with a tour operator, they should meet you at the airport with your name card held high. If you’re traveling alone, you will find a vast army of taxi drivers haggling for your custom . . .

Best practice: walk past all the drivers who meet you at the gate. When you walk out of the entrance, you will find yourself in a car park filled with taxis. Try to catch a City Taxi--a yellow cab with City Taxi marked on the side. They are the best-established taxi firm and their taxis are metered.

A kilometer currently costs 500 Tugrik (2008). So expect the journey to cost between ten-fifteen thousand Tugriks.

Click here to discover how this translates into your currency.

How do I get out of Mongolia?

The same way you came . . .

With thousands of seats out of Mongolia every week, you should experience no problems.

DO make sure you confirm your flight BEFORE you set off for the airport. Use the contact details below or ask your tour company to confirm your flight for you.

The Ulaan Baatar office numbers of the airlines I’ve mentioned are:

MIAT--32-8268, 31-2423

Air China--45-2544; 45-2547; 45-2548; 45-2543


Korean Air--31-7100; 31-1100

Aero Mongolia--28-3212, 33-0373, 31-2807

When calling from a mobile phone, use the city code--11.

If you need a taxi to take you to the airport try the 1909 taxi company. What’s the phone number? You guessed it--1909.

You’re unlikely to find one of these at the airport but it’s by far the best service in Mongolia--they even turn out to jump-start my car!

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