Gobi Desert Map

Before the twentieth century, the Gobi was closed to outsiders. A Gobi desert map simply traced the journeys of the few who made it there and back alive.

Gobi Desert on World Map

Location of the Gobi desert on the World map

But in the 1990s the Gobi came under democratic governance. Since then, the people of the Gobi have welcomed tourists and adventurers.

Which Gobi desert map?

Maps of the Gobi desert now exist in abundance. But when choosing a map of the Gobi desert, consider its purpose. Maps used by geographers and ecologists will differ markedly from tourist maps.

If you’re thinking of vacationing in Mongolia, take a look at my tourist map of the Gobi. It has a photo key with highlights of what the Gobi has to offer.

But if you plan to travel through the Gobi solo, then you will need one of the more detailed maps described below...

Where is the Gobi Desert?

The Gobi lies in two countries: Mongolia and China. On Chinese maps the Gobi can appear as Shamò or Hànhai. In Mongolian, it is pronounced and spelled 'Goiv'.

Map showing how to get to the Gobi

Map of Gobi desert in East Asia

Most tourists get to the Gobi by taking an internal Mongolian flight from Ulaan Baatar to Dalanzadgad (also spelled Dalan Dzadgag).

You can also take the train to Sainshand in the Eastern Gobi. Make sure you get off at Sainshand—the next stop is China.

Or you can drive. As you travel south from Ulaan Baatar (the usual starting point), the land gets browner and less green. Deeper into the Gobi, you will leave tarmac roads and follow desert tracks.

Roads as we know them do not exist. If this worries you, check out my Mongolian road map page. The maps described there contain the detailed information you will need to navigate the Gobi successfully.

And there is a lot of space to get lost in. At the moment, the Gobi ranks as the fifth-largest desert in the world.

4WD on Gobi Desert Road

Online Gobi desert maps

Modern technology now makes it possible to access satellite images of anywhere in the world—including the Gobi.

The following Google map allows you to explore the Gobi from right where you sit...

View Larger Map

You can use the tools to zoom up close and take a virtual tour.

Get an Up-to-date Map

But even Google has trouble keeping its maps of the Gobi accurate.

Google's satellite images update every few years. But the Gobi expands into China at a rate of more than three thousand kilometers each year.

In such a rapidly expanding and changing environment make sure you have the most up-to-date map available.

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