Map of Mongolia

Visiting Mongolia? I strongly recommend that you obtain a map of Mongolia—and a good map of Ulan Bator--before you arrive . . .

Map of Mongolia

As a backpacker, you’ll want to see the exact location of the hostel you just called. Even on a guided tour you will want to break free for souvenir shopping.

If you’re heading of into the Mongolian countryside then you’ll definitely need a map of Mongolia. Check out this dedicated road map page for advice.

Time-travelers and history students might find this Mongol Empire Map useful.

Why do I need a map of Ulan Bator?

Even though Mongolia has the fifth-largest territory in the world, forty percent of Mongolians have squashed themselves into the Mongolian capital - Ulan Bator.

Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator (spelled Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia) is the central hub through which almost all tours begin and end. Known as UB to locals this is the only REAL city in Mongolia. Most of your souvenir shopping will be done here.

Where can I get a city map?

Good question.

Both the Lonely Planet and the Bradt Guides of Mongolia contain a map of Mongolia and city maps. BUT they are always out of date--even when just published.

Ulaan Baatar

Hey I live here--even I find myself going down new blind alleys which a week before led somewhere. Ulaan Baatar changes daily with new buildings and roads opening at frightening speed. In fact, the locals joke that the national bird is a “crane.”

You need an up-to-date map. And by that I mean one published within a few months of your arrival.

Good places to find one include: hotels, restaurants, banks, shopping malls . . . anywhere frequented by tourists.

The good news--the best ones cost nothing!

The bad news--free stuff disappears like hot cakes.

My advice: get one BEFORE you come.

Errr . . . when and how?

If you’re coming as part of a guided tour, ask your tour company to post you one--or at least hand you one when you arrive.

If you’re coming alone, ask your hotel to have one waiting for you.

Just can’t find one? Try this online map of Ulaan Baatar. Be warned though it’s a few years old!

The BEST maps should include ATM points; restaurants and bars; shopping centers and travel services . . .

And remember . . . the very best map was published yesterday!

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