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Camel Train In The Gobi

The days of waiting for a camel caravan to bring the news have long gone!

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Oct 19, 2015

Please answer me frankly: Is that true?

Hello, my dear guide.I need your advise and I do have something worthy sharing with you. I am a chinese, a Han, living in Shaanxi province. When I was

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Oct 19, 2015

Any idea why I have it or know where I can find out?

Hi, I am 32 and have had a Mongolian blue spot on my left bum check science birth. As I am white and as far as I am aware have no Mongolian relatives

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Jul 17, 2013

Suggested Itineraries for Northern/Eastern Mongolia?

Sainbainuu! I have been going to Mongolia since the 1980s and my daughter since she was 4. She is now 13. We are hoping to visit this summer leaving 26th

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Jun 24, 2012

Cities Mongolia: Remote cities Of The Silk Road And Gobi Desert.

Cities Mongolia introduces you to the world's remotest cities. Learn about secret Soviet bases and the ancient capital of Genghis Khan.

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Jun 07, 2012

Cycling Through The Gobi

Hi my name is Dheiu Mading, My friend and I are riding bicycles around the world! We want to visit Mongolia in late April early May and we were wondering

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Jun 04, 2012

Mongolia, Yes it's AMAZING!

Mongolia! Few countries in the world have a killer history (I mean that quite literally) worthy of reverence, and that which excites great fear! Under

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Apr 15, 2012

Ulaanbaatar: Discover the Mongolia capitals hidden secrets.

A guide to Ulaanbaatar's top attractions. Discover: Genghis Khan, Sukhbaatar Square, Gandan Monastery, dinosaur bones, national parks plus much more.

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Mar 06, 2012

Driving From Italy To The Gobi Desert

I read your Mongolia travel guide, and found it very interesting - especially the tips about safety in UB, and shopping. I liked very much the stories

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Feb 27, 2012

Living In Mongolia

Hi Andrew, Thanks for the online travel guide you have created about Mongolia! It's very informative and fun to read! My family are thinking of moving

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Jan 07, 2012

Learn about Mongolian women, their cultural life and personality.

Mongolian women have helped lead Mongolia from Russian domination to democracy. Today they hold sway both in parliament and on the catwalk.

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Jun 04, 2011

Ulaan Baatar Marathon, Mongolia

The second Ulaan Baatar marathon was run today!

Below left you can see a picture of possibly the oldest participant–83 years old. He nearly knocked my glasses off after the photo was taken in his eagerness to give me a traditional Mongolian greeting.

Ulaan Baatar Marathon, Mongolia

The runners were first serenaded with the horse-head fiddle, a traditional musical instrument you may have seen in the film weeping camel (photo top right).

And then they were off!

Sign up to my E-zine to be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings in Mongolia, and for prompt information regarding the next marathon and how to participate (even the organizers own website hasn’t been updated with entry details for this year!).

Apr 22, 2011

New Flights to Mongolia

From June 2nd, flights to Mongolia will leave from Hong Kong every Thursday and Sunday.

The world just got a little bit smaller!

Click here for other ways to travel to Mongolia.

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Jun 30, 2010

Map of Gobi desert: a Gobi desert map for tourists.

Detailed tourist map of Gobi desert. The map key contains photos of Gobi attractions. Learn where to find Gobi bears, two-humped camels and Gobi landmarks.

Continue reading "Map of Gobi desert: a Gobi desert map for tourists."

Jun 28, 2010

Gobi desert map: map of Gobi desert's location in East Asia and the world.

Explore Mongolia with a Gobi desert map. Includes map of the Gobi desert in China and Mongolia. Tips on buying the best map for your needs.

Continue reading "Gobi desert map: map of Gobi desert's location in East Asia and the world."

Jan 12, 2010

Guide to Ulan Ude

Visit Ulan Ude and see: Lake Baikal - the World's largest fresh-water lake. Or change from the Trans-Siberian to the Trans-Mongolian line and journey into the heart of Asia.

Continue reading "Guide to Ulan Ude"

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