Mongolia, Yes it's AMAZING!

by Dheiu Biar Mading
(Sudan, Bor)

Chilling with an Eagle!

Chilling with an Eagle!

Chilling with an Eagle! A Mongolian family taking a photo with me in The Genghis Khan Statue Complex! Genghis Khan On The World's Tallest Statue Of A Horse This is Tuvshihbat, on my right. He was kind enough to put us up for the night, feed us and entertain us! They lived next to the rail line 210km North West of Zamiin Uud! His wife even sewed my snow pants that were torn and ruin by the Gobi!


Few countries in the world have a killer history (I mean that quite literally) worthy of reverence, and that which excites great fear!

Under the rule of Temujin AKA Emperor Genghis Khan - the Mongol Empire ruled 22% of the World's land mass. From Korea to Poland and everything in between (from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea).

The Mongol Empire had devastated what was at the time the known world to such a great extent that the people left in Europe gathered in their masses in Cathedrals praying for the Mighty God to save their sorry souls. No joke it really happened! It sounds like a script from a Hollywood movie!

If that isn't Supreme Power or a testimony of the Greatness of the Mongol Empire, then I don't know what is!

No mortal being stood in the Mongols way, only the Divinity! Thanks to the Europeans. There is a God!

They are so proud of their HISTORY that almost everything is named after "The Great Genghis Khan"! These guys are built like bricks, short but solid! Only proper tough guys call the Gobi Desert a Home! Even their ladies are tough looking!

It is this great History that brought me to Mongolia, I wanna be able to tell my grand kids that I cycled 7 days in the Gobi Desert, spent a night with a Mongolian Family, hitch hiked in The Gobi Desert and quite possibly marched in the same footsteps as those of the world's largest continuous Empire to ever have inhabited the earth surface - The Mongol Empire!

Words fail us once again! You have to experience Mongolia for yourself!

'Always Smile Lots' DHEIU BIAR MADING

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by: Andy

Thanks for your post Dhieu,

Not many people can say they cycled through the Gobi!

And thanks for the uploading the pictures. In the second picture you're standing in front of the world's largest boot.

And the third picture shows the world's largest statue of a horse.

That's a lot of superlatives for the world's "proper tough"est cyclist!

All the best,

PS Want to learn more about their journey? Click here to read correspondence between Dheiu and myself before, during and after his journey.

by: Dheiu

Thanks Andy! Mongolia was amazing and I was super pleased with all the quality info you imparted to us! I will certainly recommend Mongolia Travel Guide to anyone I meet heading that way..... Take care!!!!

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