Your First Steppe In The Gobi

Issue #001, May 26th 2012

Welcome To The First Issue Of One Steppe In The Gobi!

In this issue: If you've already visited Mongolia - a chance to win a pair of cashmere socks; discover what's new on our site; answers to our readers' questions; and important advice for those traveling here in June.

Just looking for a tour? See our featured tour below, or contact me.

One Steppe in the Gobi brings you up-to-date with my family's adventures in Mongolia.


Toured Mongolia already? Here's a chance to win a pair of cashmere socks. To enter, upload a 400+ word account of your trip - you can also upload photos, and link to videos. Entries must meet the submission guidelines linked on the entry page.

Photographer In The Gobi Desert

We will judge the winner by the number of positive comments it receives through the Facebook comments box at the bottom of the Contact page.

Make sure you paste a link to the entry you're voting for in the comment itself.

Feel free to invite your friends to vote for your entry!

The closing date for entries is June 30th, 2012. The closing date for votes is July 31st, 2012.

What's New?

You may have noticed that has undergone a significant redesign.

If not, take look at the front page and tell me what you think using the comments box.

New and revamped pages this year include...

#1 Cashmere Goats
If you want to know how to turn all those garden weeds into a cashmere jumper, check out this page.

#2 The Mongol Rally
Enjoy driving? Why not drive all the way to Mongolia in the Mongol Rally?!

#3 Gobi Desert Plants
Find out which plant tastes like a cross between a banana and celery; which you should never touch; and which shelters the Mongolian death worm.

#5 The Mongolian Death Worm
Discover why the Mongolian Death Worm keeps my son awake at night, and what not to do if you meet one.

#6 The Reindeer People
If you're looking for a great winter tour, consider meeting the Reindeer People. They base their whole life around reindeers - they even ride them!

#7 Mongolian Children
Find out why some parents name their children Not Human and Savage Dog.

#8 Contact me
Yes, I finally added a contact page :) If you're looking for a tour recommendation - contact me here. You can also ask a question and upload your own Mongolia story.

Featured Tour

Photo Of Man Trekking In Gobi Desert

Ever wanted to visit the Gobi desert?

If the Gobi is on your to-do list, you might like to consider a nine-day tour which sets off on June 11th and August 26th.

You will set off from Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia by jeep. On the way to the Gobi, you will see Genghis Khan's ancient capital, sand dunes, dinosaur fossils, an ice gorge and much more. You will also have the opportunity to meet Mongolian nomads, and ride horses and two-humped camels.

For more details contact me through my contact page.

Ask A Guide

Every month we receive a number of questions about Mongolia.

Here's a selection of the questions we received recently...

How contaminated and scarce is water in Mongolia?

What can we bring for the children of the steppe?

Do you think we can move around Mongolia by ourselves?

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And Finally

Mongolia holds a general election in June. During this time, political demonstrations may take place in Ulaan Baatar.

Most demonstrations are peaceful - but you should avoid them when possible.

I wish you a safe journey!

Until next time,

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